Getting fans to visit you

All good blogs depend on repeat customers, so it behooves you to make it easy for your fans to read your posts. Be sure to install an RSS feed button on your blog. You can read more about them here. Some blogging platforms automatically include them, and others like Blogger, require that you manually choose and place this gadget on your blog.

Another considerate addition for your readers is bookmarking buttons, placed high up on your blog. I prefer the Add This button, as it's clean and efficient and doesn't clutter up the page with endless bookmarks.

You might not understand the mechanics if you're new to blogging, but trust me, your readers will and they'll appreciate you for it. It makes your blog very visitor-friendly.

If you have a Blogger blog like this one, be sure to add the Follow Me gadget so others can see who reads your blog. All these add-ons are demonstrated in the right column.


Morgan Mandel said...

I'm doing my best to cover all the bases. I've been actively promoting followers at my blogspot these past few days by telling people how to put the followers gadget on their blogspots, how to follow other blogspots and tomorrow will be the benefits of following. Hopefully, this will wake up some of the bloggers.

Morgan Mandel

Lael Johnson said...

Hi Dani,
Thanks for your vigilance and patient moderating of the blog book tour forum and everything else that you do to make this group a success!