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One of the toughest parts of a post-a-day challenge is that some of our members are entirely new to blogging, and a bit confused by it all. Blogging isn't rocket science, but it's still a foreign language that takes a bit of time to learn. Sometimes, the best way is in a classroom and with a good teacher at the helm.

The Story Circle Network, a lifewriting organization for women, has added online classes and one teaches blogging, as well as the opportunity to learn something about different blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, and TypePad. All have advantages depending upon the goals of the blogger. Go here for more information about this class:


Be sure to bookmark the site for future online classes as well. Don't just blog - blog brilliantly! A class might help if you're particularly intimidated by this online medium.

Did any of you take a formal blogging class? What blogging platform do you use and why do you like it as compared to others? Leave us a comment.


The Texas Woman said...

My dad was a columnist for several newspapers over his lifetime so I grew up hearing discussions of good columns and bad ones. If I learned nothing else, these talks with his fellow writers (my informal blogging classes) made me realize no matter whom the writer is, he or she is going to have a poor column now and then, especially if it's a daily column. Weekly columns have the opportunity to all be better written with more interesting subject matter. Monthly columns have the time span to all be great. But in blogland could we keep our readers waiting that long? There’s so much to read out there.

The old journalists also knew that even the poor columns (read: blogs) connect with some readers and make an impact in some way. It’s just harder for us to make sure those readers have discovered our blogs.

My dad would have appreciated a saying I found not too long ago:

Inspiration - an idea that was once considered mediocre, but in light of looming deadlines, appears to be brilliant. -author unknown

The Texas Woman
A Blogger user because that’s what I tried first!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I am learning so much from your blog and others on the monthly challenge. I also noticed that my name isn't listed on your blog-a-day challenge list. How do I go about tapping into that honor?

Jane Kennedy Sutton
Author of The Ride

Morgan Mandel said...

No, I didn't take an online class. I've learned lots from trial and error and also an enormous amount from your Blog Book Tours group.

Morgan Mandel

Dani said...

I'm just behind listing you all, Jane. You and at least ten others! Not personal. I should bump the ones who aren't commenting on my blog though, shouldn't I? LOL