Promoting a Blog Book Tour with Social Media

When I'm promoting a blog book tour for myself or another author, my social media procedure goes like this. It's  basically what I teach to my blog book tours classes:

1. First thing in the AM, go to the host blog and leave a comment
2. Click G +1
3. Share on your FB and Twitter (usually there are share buttons right at the blog)
4. Pin to Pinterest (I have the pin bookmarklet on my dash)
5. Go to the host's Twitter account and retweet other relevant tweets
6. At mid-day go to the Twitter account and retweet more
7. Go to host's Facebook account and share the book promotion
8. Rinse and repeat in the evening (by then, you should have a shortened URL from somewhere which is handy)
9. Share on any other social networks you use

A good blog will make this easy for you and you'll notice most of the share buttons I mention in the photo below:

I try to do this at least three times a day because as you know, with as many followers as some of us have, the scrolls roll pretty fast and posts can be easily missed. 

This procedure works very well for anything you're promoting, not just books. The important consideration is frequency over a long period of time - don't post everywhere twelve times in ten minutes! 

End your day by saying thank you to your host blogger! Everyone loves a little appreciation.

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