Tracking your visitors

In our current blog book tours session, we're talking about the importance of adding a hit counter to your blog. You must be able to track your visitors. Popular and free counters include Sitemeter and Statcounter, and they are relatively easy to install on your blog, even if you're a novice blogger. Just follow the directions. Morgan Mandel has a good post about it at her blog.

What kind of hit counter do you use on your blog, and why do you favor it? Please leave a comment.


The Texas Woman said...

I have two blogs. On my main blog,, I use two forms of tracking - Feedjit, which shows live the town readers are visiting from; if they came direct, by referral, or by searching; and if reader left via a link on my blog. It also shows me if my readership is heavier during certain times of days or if a certain back post is getting lots of hits for some reason.

I also use Google Analytics. This one gives me more detailed running reports at the end of the day, such as referral hits by site name, a running keyword search count, countries visiting, etc.

Although readers can visit Feedjit live, numbers are not available to the them, which I prefer.

My second site,, is strictly a convenience for any reader following my novel that I'm publishing on my main blog. This site holds all published chapters in one spot. I only use Feedjit on this one although I probably should use another tracker too but haven't done so as yet.

The Texas Woman

Morgan Mandel said...

Thanks for putting up the link about my post on tracking, Dani.

Morgan Mandel

Chester Campbell said...

I use Statcounter on one of my other group blogs but haven't put it up yet on my new personal blog. I like all of the detailed info it gives you on people who visit.