Exciting Times at the Corner Cafe

It's day 2 of our blog book tour and we're visiting one of the Corner Cafe contributors, Bob Sanchez at his blog. Do run over and leave him a comment or question about the book. Thanks to Stephen Tremp for giving us some ideas for getting out of the comfort zone when writing. We're going to get him into the Corner Cafe project next time so we can promote his stories a bit!

Now here's some interesting information about this project. I told you part of our goal was to track statistics in this somewhat controlled group of writers. Of course, we all want to see sales, but I'm trying to ignore that for right now, except to the extent that sales relate to Amazon ranking and other statistics that indicate discovery and popularity.

We started the blog book tour on Monday morning with an Amazon ranking of 100,654 in Kindle books. This morning, our ranking is 20,344. Quite an improvement!

We got one five-star rating with a glowing review. Love these. Want more!

Most importantly, we've already hit a Kindle Bestseller List! We are #68 in Paid Genre Fiction Urban Life. Not bad for one day of social marketing.
If the book is starting to sound interesting to you, you can find it here and it's only 99 cents. Download it and see what you think. We'd love a few more good reviews from indie readers. Who knew a well-written review would bring such pleasure?

Have questions about this project - please leave them in the comments and we'll be glad to answer.

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