Eventful Day at the Corner Cafe

A most eventful Top 100 List day on Tuesday - we managed to get to #13 on the hot new releases in short stories,and then dropped off that list. This morning we're back at #97. We're still listed in genre fiction urban life, and have moved up to #49. Maybe we need more people to click " like" on our Amazon page?

As to Amazon ranking, we moved up to #19,118 by this morning. Our benchmark on Monday morning was #100,654, so we've had some nice improvement in the first three days of the blog book tour.

While you're at the Amazon page, take the opportunity to read the first two stories with the Look Inside feature. You'll also notice that all our authors have pictures and links at the bottom of the page, and you can click over to see what else they've written.

Today, I visit Red Tash for day #3 of the blog book tour with a lengthy interview about this project and what I see coming in the publishing world. Come join the conversation and ask me some questions! Of course, you can leave comments and questions here, too.

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