J is for Jumpstarting

One of the most frustrating things in the early days of a blog is getting daily readers. Even bloggers who post every day don’t always get the results they want very quickly. This is where a group effort comes in handy to jumpstart results.

In the blog book tours classes, we usually have a blog-a-day challenge for one month. This serves several purposes.

  1. It develops a good habit in the blogger, because infrequent blogging is the death knell of even the most attractive blog.
  2. It increases traffic to a blog through visits from team members, and consequently makes the blog more noticeable to search engines.
Both of these elements are vital for jumpstarting a blog. Projects like the current A-Z Challenge, the basis of the blogs you are currently reading, are even more powerful. (Click on the link at the top of the page.) Almost 1,200 bloggers are teaming up in the same project, egging each other on, visiting member blogs, back-linking to each other. The Google ‘bots must be going crazy. Which, of course, has us all jumping for joy!

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