I is for Improvement

There was a time that WordPress was touted as the professional blogging platform, but Blogger has added so many features and improvements over the last year, that they are almost as powerful in a business environment. The most notable improvement is a new and flexible Designer feature, which not only includes countless templates to personalize the blog, but also a myriad of fonts, page elements, and colors. As well, gadgets that include statistics and email subscription sign-ups have been added, and with the upgrading of the spam feature, there’s really not a lot more to change for the average blogger. It amazes me to see blogs out there still using the old, original Blogger templates.

All these improvements are great tools to help create an attractive and entertaining blog, and you’ll want to use them to bring people back. Increasing traffic should be one of your goals, and with steady work, you should be able to regularly get 100 visitors a day within a year. In that time, you should also gain the Google ranking we mentioned a few days ago.

Why is this important? The more visitors to your blog, the more influence you have, whether promoting your opinions, teaching a lesson, or promoting your book. You become an authority via your blog. So think about that other “I” word – Influence – and how much of it you can develop on the Internet through your written word. Let’s review these interesting concepts:

Improve your blog
Increase traffic
Influence more readers
Internet is the road to achievement and success


Sharon Reece said...

Those are a lot of good "I's" Dani. Good reminders of the basics of why we're doing this!


Morgan Mandel said...

Ad much as I complain about Blogger at times, it's still the most user friendly!

Morgan Mandel