Making room for better things

There are better things to put on your blog than a long archive list. Why show each post in the current month? Your readers can scroll through your actual posts quite easily. Collapse that thing now!

Then add the new Follow Me widget on Blogger or something similar on other blogging platforms. This is a great way to spark blog popularity. Place it quite high in your sidebar as demonstrated right here. Your widget will look something like this:

Everyone in the B.A.D. Challenge, as you visit each other, look for a way to follow and add yourself to this list. On Blogger blogs, you'll see that all the blogs you follow now appear at the bottom of your dashboards. It's a fast and handy way to see if anyone has posted something new. How many of you knew that?


Patricia Stoltey said...

Thanks, Dani. That was helpful advice. I also experimented with putting my blog roll to the left of my posts instead of underneath. I like it better there but think it looks cluttered with the newest blog titles displayed under the names. May have to take those titles out....Pat

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I must have missed that in my previous class - good thing I'm hanging in for remedial blogging!

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Dani said...

Jane, the Follow Me feature is relatively new, so we may not have delved into it back in January. Also, Blogger changed it a bit recently. I discovered the dashboard reader quite by accident! It's very handy checking to make sure the class is posting daily. ;)


Jina Bacarr said...

I signed up to follow you, Dani! Thank you for the info. I use Word Press--I don't see a similar Follow Me widget there unless I'm missing something.

Thank you!

Megan Hussey said...

Thanks for all your help Dani! I'm really enjoying the blog book tour.

Dani said...

I googled "Wordpress follow me widget" and got a few hits. You might want to try that and read the first few resources.

Queen of Googling