And they're off

In the right column, you'll see some of our current class members - these folks are courageous enough to participate in the Blog-A-Day Challenge otherwise known as the B.A.D. Challenge. There will be days toward the end of the month when that acronym will have truth seeping from its pores.

Blogging daily is hard work, and maybe not even a good idea over the long haul. But to get a blog pumped up fast, it's a good tactic to post day after day, to have pals visiting your blog and commenting, and to politely and appropriately promote on your other social networks like Twitter and FaceBook.

Two tricks can really help an aspiring blogger succeed:

1. Plan your blogs so that one long and related post is split over several days. This maximizes your writing efforts and is appreciated by readers who want to stop by your blog for a quick look, but don't want to wade through a long treatise

2. Write the above-mentioned essay(s), and then use the prescheduling feature on your blog to post ahead for the week

To demonstrate, look at my post above, and notice how this essay could easily have been split into two blog posts. Because I write my blogs in a Word file ahead of time, it's easy for me to see these natural breaks.

Extra tip: If you're drafting in a formatted word processing program, copy and paste into the Edit Html window (in Blogger) rather than the Compose window. You'll avoid formatting issues when your blog publishes.

Do you draft your blog posts in a word processing program and then move them to your blog? What are some other reasons this might be a good idea?

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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I use Windows Live Writer for my blogging. I find it's more user-friendly than Blogger's format. I can preview my post several different ways and save drafts for more than one blog in the same place.