We are all linked

Linking is one of the most important ways to raise the profile of your blog. Social marketing maven, Tiffany Dow, explains it on her blog. She also talks about keywords, and I'll discuss that a bit more in a later post. For now, pay attention to her advice about growing your blog traffic in a slow and organic way through linking to other sites. And always, always link related sites of your own to each other. Linking is so important, within each post, in your signature, and in your sidebars. Create a neat and tidy linked package.


Anonymous said...

nce no one else is commenting on all your helpful tips, leads,links and info, I"LL DO IT! lol Seriously, tis a wondrous thing to tap into a source like blogbooktours with a person like Dani who devotes so much time to helping folks out. Hats Off to you!

Gotta get back to pimpin and linkin my blog - ha.

Eye Twitter 2 -

Helen said...

I like having links on my blog to others. For one thing, I use them to zip over to someone.

Unfortunately, I have a list of sites awaiting time for me to add them to the list! Along with figuring out how to move my RSS feed button to the top of the side bar instead of the bottom!

Thanks for all your tips!

Dani said...

Nice job, Marvin! :)

Helen, can you go to Layout and just drag & drop the widget? That's how I move stuff around.

Lacresha Hayes said...

I love linking to others. It gives your blog depth.

Dani, I'm eternally grateful for what you've done for us all with this August Challenge.