So Who am I?

People often ask me why I'm promoting blog book tours for free. Because I'm a kept woman and have nothing better to do? Wrong.

I'm a writer, and I'm fully aware that in today's publishing world, authors must offer up a promotion package with their manuscript submissions that puts the load of the selling squarely on their shoulders. In the traditional paradigm, that means they will likely travel. And I hate to travel.

Even worse, I hate the hotels, the airports, the food, not sleeping in my own bed, and that's just to name a few details I can get disgruntled about. I just flat-out don't like being away from home to work, and I don't like conferences either.

Fortunately for me, there is an oil crisis and travel will soon be curtailed for all of us. That means we all get to find better ways to promote. I knew early on that blogs and other virtual world vehicles would be my ride. So here I am, happily blazing my own new road.

That isn't to say, some traveling won't be part of my life as I promote in the future. But I think it's smart to consider new options. What about you?

Maybe a live book tour will be shorter, more concentrated in a region, and you might take fellow authors along and make it a group project. Even better, look for accomodations that are "green" and different from the usual hotel scenario. Why not try planning a more unusual trip for your next live book tour and enjoy the journey a little more while you're touring? Here's a link to the Green Vacation Hub that might get your imagination flowing. If not for you, then maybe for a character in your next book?


Anonymous said...

I love the airports, and the hotels, and all that comes with traveling. I drive every place I can, but people watching is much easier in an airport than a car.

I go to as many events as I can in as many places as I can, and I adore hanging out with my peeps. The authors are great and it gives them a chance to spoil their publisher. (Did I say that out loud?)

Karen Syed

Dana Fredsti said...

I love traveling, but hate the stress of it. And flying...not so much these days. If I had unlimited time, I'd drive everywhere. But yeah, the green and sustainable side of me (and the broke side!) loves the possibilities of virtual touring!