Last Chance

Today, September 4, 2011 is the last day to sign up for the blog book tours class which starts tomorrow, September 5th. If you are an author, have a blog and know how to use it, have at the very least rudimentary skills in social networking (Facebook and Twitter), you will benefit from this four-week course. There is no charge. If I offer it again (and that's a big IF), it won't be until this time next year. Here's what we'll cover:

Week One: Elements of a good blog, how to rate a blog, and critiques of some so
you can practice

Week Two: Learning to cyber-schmooze with potential hosts, ranking other blogs,
and collecting a pool of blog book tour hosts

Week Three: Social networking on Facebook and Twitter and how to use them to
find blog book tour hosts

Week Four: Crafting your tour based on the above-mentioned host pool, contacting
hosts, planning your stops, and writing your posts

Week Five: Questions, answers, brainstorming, and moving over to the BBT Cafe,
our social site

You must show up for class! Don't sign up if you don't plan to participate and work hard along with the rest of us!


LynNerd said...

Sounds like such an awesome class. I was tempted to sign up when I first found out about it and am still tempted, but with the new grandbaby and helping care for him, I know I couldn't keep up. Looks like he has reflux. Poor little guy. And now my daughter is running a fever, so I have to pass on your wonderful blog tours class. I sure hope you do offer it again. Kudos to you for teaching this.

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