Clickable Links in Comments

It's important for bloggers to visit other blogs, and leave the occasional comment, especially if they like the blog and see it as a potential host for a blog tour. It's also a good idea to leave a nice little clickable link back to your blog at the bottom of your comment post. You've seen those, right? How did the commenter do that, you may have wondered?

First type this:

But replace with your blog URL.

Then replace Blog Book Tours with your name or your blog's name.

My link will look like this when I publish the comment:

Blog Book Tours

Even though I pasted in the entire string in the red box above. And it's clickable, isn't it?

Now copy and save this tip for future use. Paste the entire string as your signature in a comment window and you should get a live clickable link when it publishes.

Go try it in the comment section of your own blog to make sure it works for you! It may sound a bit confusing, but it's really not.


AlexOngNYC said...


Breakfast Every Hour

Robyn Campbell said...

Great tip. Trying it now:

Putting Pen To Paper

And I am going to change the name of my blog to my name. Just haven't done it yet.

WS Gager said...

I tried putting it on a comment on my blog but the link doesn't show up in blue. See how it does here.
W.S. Gager on Writing

Nathan Lowell said...

Some blogging platform suppress the links and if you link to too many, your comment can be flagged as spam.

For blogspot, if you use your google ID for your profile, your name will go to your blogspot blog. If you use the "name/url" profile, you can direct it any where you like and your name becomes the link.

but since this is a quiz:

Nathan Lowell Presents

And the wise commenter uses the 'preview' button to make sure they didn't do something silly like leave off the closing quote on the address in the anchor tag.

Nathan Lowell said...

For some reason, the URL in the comment in your blog got set to "no follow," Wendy.

It could be because it was a self-reference and Google clipped its wings when you published it.

WS Gager said...

Thanks Nathan! Can that be fixed?
W.S. Gager on Writing

Nathan Lowell said...

Only way I know is to NOT link to your own blog in a comment like that. I think it's an automatic "feature" of blogspot blogs to cut down on the kinds of google juice gaming that people get up to periodically.

Links *are* enabled in your blog, so it's not a setting someplace in your account, as far as I can see. I was able to make a link to my blog and have it show up as active.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Ok, here goes...although I'm not sure why we're creating a link in our comments, when they can click on our comment header name? Although I can see it for Wordpress, or other blogs that don't have that Blogger feature.

Susan Kaye Quinn

Florence said...

That's a cool trick - Thanks Dani!

Florence Price
Romance Me Blog

Crunchy Chicken said...

I'm going to be crabby and state that, since your link is already present in the signature of the comment, it's redundant.

It annoys me when people double link back to their blogs. It feels too much like a cheap car salesman. If I'm interested in what the commenter had to say and want to see more, I can do so by clicking on the commenter's name. This is standard issue with most blog platforms.


Mia Natasha said...

Great tip.

Florence said...

Hi Dani!

I'm here to complete my Friday Schmoozing Assignment :)

Florence Price
Romance Me

WS Gager said...

Okay Dani, I love this little tip and have used it many times since my earlier comment. Now I have it in a word file and just copy and paste. Is there a way to make it simpler. I know there is a way to program certain functions but don't know how. Ay simple directions for that? Just asking. I'm good with copy and pasting.
W.S. Gager on Writing

crystal.travel6 said...
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Dani said...

Nice to meet you through A to Z. A lovely post! News From Nowhere

Jodi Carmichael said...

I had to try this, Dani.
Writing and Other Life Lessons


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