September 2011 Blog Book Tours Class

It looks like the drill sergeant has a job to do for the month of September. We have enough people for a class, and there's still room to invite friends who have a published book they need to promote. Have them sign up for this one-month-long boot camp! We start on September 5th. I'll post what we're covering in the next post, but one thing I'd like to mention that's important:

You must have a blog and know how to use it. We don't actually teach you the ins and outs of blogging. There are plenty of how-tos online for the different blogging platforms. Just Google. We will critique a few blogs and rearrange and add elements to make your blogs more use-friendly. Once you know what a good blog looks like, you'll be prepared to find good blogs to host tour stops. Makes sense, right?

Okay, go sign up!

Read the Quickest Blog Book Tour Guide Ever if you don't know why you should be doing this.

Start doing push-ups, too, and you may as well set the alarm an hour early to get into shape.


Stephanie, PQW said...

My book won't be launched until Feb, 2012. Will you be offering the class again around that time? Or, should I attend the Sept class?

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Thanks for offering this! :)

Robyn Campbell said...

I'm ready to learn!

india-portal said...

nice posting.