Elements of a Good Blog

A major premise of the blog book tours course is that a good author blog is the foundation of a good blog book tour. Why? Unless the author is a dedicated blogger and has created a great blog for himself, it’s not likely he’ll be able to determine whether a blog host will be an effective tour stop. You must establish a strong comfort level and respect for blogging to engage in a solid blog book tour.

What are the elements of a good blog?

Here is the entire list which students use as a guideline to shape their own blogs:

Basic Design Attractiveness?
Title and url cohesive?
Consistency and clarity of blog purpose?
Loading speed?
Follow widget in place?
Hit counter?
Bookmarking in place?
FB and Twitter widgets?
Linking effective? Tags/keywords used?
Frequent posting 2-3 x weekly?
Quality of overall posts?
Comments section working?
Blog components arranged in optimum manner?
Too many/too few third-party gadgets?
Pages used effectively?
What's great?
What can be improved?
Is it ready for a blog tour?

Most of the criteria is self-explanatory. You might look at your own blog to determine if some tweaking would help make the blog stronger and more appealing to your readers.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good luck to everyone taking the class - you'll learn a lot!

WS Gager said...

Just checking out the blog. Already learning a ton! Can't thank you enough for doing these classes!
W.S. Gager

Monti said...

Dani's class is filled with magic. You'll be amazed at how what you learn will change your life and the way you look at blogging!

Thank you, Dani, for touching us with your magic wand!


Robyn Campbell said...

Magic wand for sure. I love Dani's class. I have all ready learned a lot! Thanks so much for teaching us. *waving*


Nathan Lowell said...

I can honestly say that I've never had an online class experience quite like this one.

uday said...

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Nancy Thompson said...

Blogging and design is an art. I've had my blog critiqued and made changes accordingly. I know it could be loads better, but I'm too cheap to spend money on it and don't have enough time to do it myself. It works the way it is, but I'm always grateful to know how I can improve it.

Billy Burgess said...

Great tips!

Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

jones619 said...

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Sikander said...
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Abbi Jordan said...
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