D is for Dates

 I'm not talking about the ones we all wanted on Saturday nights when we were young.

What I mean is the date you might find on a letter... or on a blog post like this one. Do you notice anything? I have a day of the week above right and a time at the bottom of this post. But no actual date. Why? Because many of the posts are timeless, and apply to many situations or from one blog book tours class to the next. There is no need for me to rewrite the post. Often I bump a post up by going into Post Options and changing the date so the blog post reappears at the top of the blog. Clever, no?

You can do the same thing. An added advantage is that the blog never looks stale to a newcomer, who might wonder why I haven't posted anything since last month, if the month stamp could be seen.

Tomorrow, I'll bump a prior post I use often that explains the Elements of a good blog. Stay tuned.


Keena said...

I may have to try that. Thx for the info

Manzanita said...

Smart moves. I knew that was there and i use it now on posting automatically each day but never thought of doing what you do. Thanks.
Happy D-Day
Wanna buy a duck

The Yard Bard said...

I need an auto-deploy setting on my posts! Something that will let me write a whole raft of posts on my day off, and then put them up automatically on the appropriate days.

Manzanita-- Does it quack?

http://carolynannaish-books said...

Hi there Dani - I like the way you do you blog - I have just begun to seriously do blogs - I have six altogether. Three of them are characters from my series, THE FRENCOLIAN CHRONICLES; two main protagonists, and one support character who has lots of secrets to reveal... and also another blog is from a cat's point of view about his nine lives - this was a real live cat that became famous with his owner and raised a lot of money in Canada, the USA and New Zealand for various charities. Great fun these blogs - I'll have to go through all of your posts to see if I can pick up some hints as I'm rather new at this. I wrote some articles about blogging from a characters p.o.v. Hugs, Carolyn Ann

junebug said...

So sneaky! I hadn't thought about the date that much. I might have to put more thought into it.

Lee Ambrose said...

Very interesting, Dani!