In With the New... Class!

Now that we're well into January, let me remind you that there is a new Blog Book Tours class for authors scheduled to start February 1, if we get at least 20 students. Less than that and we cancel. The cost for the class is only $20 but that doesn't mean you won't pay in other ways.

This course runs one month and I'm a drill sergeant. Daily attendance is mandatory simply because experience tells me a strong group participation enhances the experience and learning for everyone. You know how that was in school. What made your classes most interesting? I'll bet lively participation was a big part of it, and so I insist we have it.

Maximum number of students is 50 - about 35 is best. Get over there and sign up now! You MUST have a blog and know how to use it to participate - we do not teach blogging rudiments - we teach how to use your blog and host blogs to organize a good blog book tour.

Blog Book Tours Class Sign-up

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J.A. Kazimer said...

Hey Dani,

What if my blog is a fiction one? See Am I still eligible to take the class?


j.a. kazimer