Blog Book Tours Class Begins Soon

Just a reminder to authors and publishers that the blog book tours class begins February 1. It lasts four weeks and topics covered include:
  • Critiquing and improving your own blog (you must have a blog to join this class)
  • Finding good and relevant blog hosts
  • Responsibilities to your blog host
  • What to expect from your host - and what you don't have to put up with
  • Using social networking to promote your blog book tour
  • Crafting your blog stops
  • Wrapping up the tour
This is an intense month, and you must participate - that's part of the cost of this course. However, you will learn how to create and manage your own tour. I recommend every author try this once. If you decide after that to hire a service, you'll know what to expect from a provider. You'll also know how much time is involved to put together a good tour. It's a winning situation all around. Click here for cost and to sign up. We'll take 20-50 students this go-round.

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Ann Summerville said...

I stopped by your blog today. Great tips. I'll check back when my next book comes out.