Blogging Tip #25

Today I have a post up at Little Pickle Press about Green Halloween, a program of the EcoMom Alliance. I really wanted to promote this post because the issues therein are important to me. So I first placed a status on my Facebook wall. Then I went to the Green Halloween Facebook page and told them I'd written about them and left a link that they and their friends could read. (They've already commented.) Then I went to Twitter and left a short, pithy comment and a permalink to the Little Pickle Press blog post. Later I'll post again to @GreenHalloween so they pick up the tweet direct. If I had a contact name for EcoMom Alliance I'd also email them.  More on that promotion technique tomorrow!

How much do you promote your blog posts? Do you think it makes a difference?


Marian Allen said...

I usually start my day by writing my post. I like to keep them fresh. Sometimes I write them in advance, though; this week, I've written in advance through Friday, because I have uncertain mornings this week and because I got ideas I wanted to put in place before I forgot them. Then I get antsy, because I'm in the habit of blogging every morning, so I have to go to somebody else's blog and leave a much-to-long comment, just to ease my jones.

I feel much better now. Thanks.

Marian Allen

Anonymous said...

I have my blog posts set to automatically feed to Twitter (via Twitterfeed), and then it automatically goes to Facebook (via Smarttwitter). I also hope that visiting and commenting on other blogs generates hits to my own. My blog promotion could be better, though, and I'm always looking for ideas and the time to implement them.