And They're Off!

It's been fun chaperoning Little Pickle Press through their first blog book tour, especially since owner and author, Rana DiOrio is a student in the current blog book tours class and I get to use her as an example of how to do things the right way. ;) Now the rest of the class is closely following the What Does It Mean To Be Present? tour to see what they can learn for their own book promotions.

We started the tour at the fabulous The Smart Mama blog yesterday where Jennifer Taggart  talks about her phone conversation with Rana. Both are attorneys, have young children, and are deeply, passionately committed to creating a healthy world for their families. Their blogs were a match made in heaven!

On day #2, we take an entirely different slant at the Blood-Red Pencil with an interview between resident book designer Sherry Wachter and Eliza Wheeler who illustrated the book. We have a lively discussion going amongst fellow artists and publishers.

Tomorrow, Gina Raith at Be Well Together shares her experience of the book and the idea of  "being present". It's a concept that adults are also discovering during this book tour so be sure to join us again to learn more.

To get the entire schedule and to sign up for the name-the-next-book contest and prize, jump over to the Little Pickle Press blog. Remember that each of the tour stops also has  coupon codes for a special 2-book/free poster for $29.95 offer. The posters are printed on an environmentally-friendly paper called Terraskin.

I'll add more to this post as the tour progresses. So far, so fun!

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