The Next Blog Book Tours Class

We're having another one, and this one will include a few of my new blog book tours clients. Yes, I'm finally offering to arrange a few tours for authors. But more on the book genres I'm taking on later.

If you haven't taken a class on how to arrange your own blog book tour, now is the time to sign up. As always, it's without charge, and we start with critiquing and improving your own blogs which is where a good blog book tour begins. Sign up here:

You must give your name and book title so I know you're not a spammer - oh, gee, that would never happen in this world, right?

The doors open on July 3rd. Class starts July 5th. Be prepared to work hard!

First read The Quickest Blog Book Tour Guide Ever so you get a sense of what we'll be covering.

The Drill Sergeant is back!

Or maybe I'll just be a cheerleader... we'll see how I feel after the holiday. :)

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