Twitter Tools

One of the built-in tools in Twitter is the ability to text message to your Twitter account from your phone, and many Twitter users do this. There is a page in Settings that allows you to create this ability. I don't use it because I can barely see well enough to make a phone call on my cell, much less text message. That doesn't mean it's unpopular with other tweeple. Many updates are sent to Twitter in this way.

There are other third party applications to organize Twitter, which is in itself a fairly simple and straightforward arrangement. Some of those more sophisticated applications like Friendfeed are mentioned at this blog.

As your Twitter following grows, you might want to try some of these tools to see if they help keep your Twitter account more organized. Me? I tweet on my computer, monitor the account daily, and find that this works fine so why mess with success? You, however, might find some of these applications very useful, so by all means try something new and then tell us what works for you and why.


Anonymous said...
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Cat Connor said...

I think I'll stick to using twitter from my pc. The idea of tweeting from my cell phone leaves me cold. :)

Hoarders Extraordinaire said...

I didn't at first think I'd use twitter much...but dang it's addicting ;) But I've also made some great contacts on there.

And hey...I just found myself listed on a Christian Publishing Tweet list as a reviewer in the industry....considering my blog is about a month old I was kinda impressed with myself ;)

Dani said...

Oh, Marta, go Google yourself and see what else you don't know. LOL. Sometimes there's some very impressive stuff being said in all kinds of high places.