The Daily Facebook

I asked our current blog book tours class just how they handle their time commitments over at Facebook, and Joan De La Haye left this helpful comment:

My daily routine on Facebook is this.

I first check my Friend requests (I usually have about 2 to 3 a day) after I've accepted them as friends, I leave a thanks for the request message on their walls.

Then I ignore all the annoying application invites.

Then I check to see who's birthday is on that day and leave a Happy Birthday message on their walls.

Then I check my messages - reply to any questions, etc.

Then I respond to the people who accepted my Friend requests and leave thank you messages on their walls.

And then I go trawling through my groups - which I've specifically chosen for the fact that they have to do with the genre I write in. So in my case I belong to a lot of horror groups.

I send about 5 or 6 Friend requests a day.

So that's my morning Facebook routine.


Thanks, Joan. We're all looking for good methods to minimize our non-writing chores, and this is enormously useful. You can visit Joan for more information here:



Morgan Mandel said...

I'm on Facebook, but don't go there very often. Usually, if a get a few friend requests, I feel obligated to accept them and I go over.

Today, I decided to set up a fan page, along with my regular page. I even put up a video with my dog, Rascal, on it. Trouble is now I can't find it. I've tried searching, but have no success. If I can't find it, I can't expect my finds to either.

Morgan Mandel

Sharon Reece said...

Great list of things to do. I wonder whether it is kosher to invite people to be friends even if they don't know you and you don't know them. Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, on Facebook it's quite accepted to send a friend request to people you don't know especially if you belong to the same group and have similar interests. But I usually only send a request to people who I have a few 'friends' in common with. And other writers are always happy to make new friends.

Joan De La Haye

Daryl a.k.a. Avery said...

Joan, what a great easy schedule to follow. Thanks for the advice.

Daryl a.k.a. Avery said...

Joan, what great advice for daily posting. Thanks for the advice.


Rebecca Talley said...

Facebook can use up a lot of time. I only check in every week or so.


Cat Connor said...

Great list Joan!
I dislike Facebook with an intensity you could barely imagine, yet I check in every day and do what has to be done (accepting friends requests, ignoring applications etc.)
Then catch up with my kids there - which is the only reason I got Facebook to start with. :)

Connie Arnold said...

Thanks, Joan, for the great advice and Dani, for sharing! I've started trying to do a bit more with Facebook and this is very helpful.