Headline Bloopers

Head over to The Blood Red Pencil where Marv Wilson has us all rolling in the aisles over real headline bloopers. While you're laughing, take a look at your own blog titles. Do some of them sound a little funny? They made so much sense when you wrote that blog post, but maybe they're a little off when you see them with a fresh look.

It never hurts to go back and look at your old writing. While you're there, edit the bloopers out of the post itself. We all have typos, grammatical goofs, and punctuation errors that we overlook. As a writer, you need to correct your mistakes, even after-the-fact. It's never too late to put your best foot forward.

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Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks for my daily dose of laughs, Dani! Boy, some of those headlines were lulus. And you're right about going back through your blog posts to check for errors later. I've found plenty!

Connie Arnold said...

Thanks for sharing the link, Dani. It's amazing how many bloopers like that there are, but they're sure funny to read!