Our Blog Book Tours yahoogroup is now fully in session, and the current group of challengers is working hard at the post-a-day Blog Challenge. They are doing a marvelous job, and you can visit their sites via the blog links at right. Go help them out by leaving a comment!

The challengers are also tweaking their blogs with improvements like bookmarking, even more good links for you to explore, follow me options, and other add-ons to make your visit exceptional. How often have you visited a blog that didn't have an RSS feed, or a connection to the related website, or a way to follow on Twitter, or even an email link to contact the blogger?

So challengers, if you're on Facebook, or Twitter, or any of a number of other sites, make sure each location in inter-connected to the others. Make it easy for your fans. Sometimes this means you must simply type an email address like this:

Me at internethost dot com

This prevents robots from harvesting your address when typed in the usual manner.

So take a look at your blog and make sure that all your connections flow to locations that support and enhance your purpose.

How do you ensure your fans will come back to visit your blog?

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