A Blogger Design Tip

See that funny strip at the top of your Blogger blog that has your email and links at the right? What color is it? Look at the rest of your blog, and I'll bet some of you can change that so it matches the overall look of your design better.

You only get four choices - black, white, tan, or blue - but one of them is probably a better choice for your color scheme than any other. Go to Layout, click on that banner's edit link, and change for the better. It's a little thing, I know, but why not be the best you can be?

And don't forget to collapse your archive - that's on the same Layout page.


Katie Hines said...

Good idea. What I'm looking for is how do I do a banner that fits in the spot without it looking really strange and skewed.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I will go play with that - especially now that I have a new photo in place!

L. Diane Wolfe

Anonymous said...

I think you should switch yours to blue. I know, poor attempt at a joke. Good to see you're posting away at the good tips.

Dani said...

Katie, you have to size your photo in your computer first to get it to fit nicely in the Blogger banner. This just takes some experimentation. And check the banner window where you upload to see if it gives you dimensions. That's a clue.


Helen Ginger said...

Good tips, Dani -- as usual. I'm going to go collapse my archives, I think.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Never paid attention to this area. Now I have some experimenting to do.

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Morgan Mandel said...

So far I've got so much room I don't need to collapse my archive.

Morgan Mandel

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the tips and have acted upon collapsing the archives. My 73-mile long blogroll is next to be evaluated.

Also, I've been reading the posts during the January Blog-A-Day Challenge. Although I didn't participate, I've learned lots from everyone else.


Lit Between the Ears

Charlotte Phillips said...

Great tip Dani - and a big congrats on another successful blog a day class. Your grads did a great job thanks to your find mentoring.