At least ten requests

Omigawd.... I think it's fixed. Dare I try to publish this without word verification? If it is truly fixed, it was Gatsby over at the Blogger forum, and I must go thank him. As well as hold up my end of the bargain which was to read The Great Gatsby in his honor.


Another request sent on October 14, 2008. Is that 11 requests now?


Request Received

We have received your request for a review to verify that your blog is not a spam blog. Someone will look over your blog and respond to

In the meantime, I've set up a Blog Book Tours blog at WordPress, and am poised to transfer future posts, as well as the contents of this blog, over there.

Stay tuned.


Elle Carter Neal said...

Well, I have heard that many people end up transferring from Blogger to WordPress. I just read this today after following a link from Moe's new (WP) blog: "I never imagined that people would be excited about moving from Blogger to WordPress, however, the demand was so great..."

Interesting when Google drops the ball.

Dani said...

They have dropped the ball bigtime with Blogger service. Do you think there is anyone live working at Google? I often wonder....

Helen Ginger said...

Let me know how it goes and how difficult it is. I may be right behind you.

Anonymous said...

You've been TAGGED today at FREE SPIRIT.

Na-na-na-naaa-nah (smile)