What are your reasons for blogging? I don't mean the reasons everyone else is giving you, because those will never be compelling enough reasons to make you blog. So what if it's the latest thing? What reasons can you create that make you want to blog?

Have you considered how easy it really is? It's a piece of cake compared to learning HTML and creating a real website. Many people are foregoing a website completely as blogging becomes more sophisticated and at the same time easier for the user.

And what is blogging really? Just another place to publish your writing. Aren't we always on the look-out for more writing opportuntiies and places for our words to magically appear? There's a little button at the bottom of your post that reads, "publish" and that's exactly what it means. Your words are live when you hit that key, and the world can read what you have to say.

There's power in that, even on a blog. Have you thought of it in this way, rather than as a chore you have to do because someone else says so? Writing is work. Blogging is work. But both are part and parcel of being a published author. It's your life's work. Love it, because it's fun and you live to write.



Helen Ginger said...

It's also a great way to network, meet people and make friends. You may never meet them in person or gather with for coffee, but friends, just the same.

Karen Kirkpatrick said...

Helen, You took the words right out of my mouth (or off my keyboard). It's also great fun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's easy, all right. I learned this phrase long ago at a personal development seminar - "It's easy to do, and easy not to do." The choice is yours.

Dana Fredsti said...

I'm with Helen on this, but also because it's a wonderful way to spark my creativity!

Wilson said...
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Wilson said...
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