I'm always on the prowl for new marketing tools that support blogging, and Twitter, a micro-blogging site, has become one of my favorite dailies. It's fast, easy, and effective. What more could you ask for when it comes to promoting your books?

There are tricks to maneuvering in Twitter. It doesn't work if you don't interact, post regularly, and communicate meaningfully. Once you "get it", it's fun. But, beyond that, there are benefits to participating that I didn't anticipate. Every single day, I find a links to sites that give me more information, ideas, and connections. They're useful sites that help me in my own work; sites I wouldn't have found on my own.

Today, I picked up this link at Twitter - Who doesn't want to learn more about Selling Books? I haven't explored it in great depth, but I will. It's a well-organized site, attractive, and loaded with the kind of added content that makes for many return visits.

What about the rest of you? Do you Twitter? What have you learned over there? Have you discovered any great new sites you didn't know about? What was the hardest thing about learning to Twitter? What's the biggest surprise now that you know how?

Give us a link so we can follow you on Twitter. Here's mine. You can peek at a few of my Twitter comments in the right column, too.

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Anonymous said...

I learned about this site via Twitter. I would not suggest people Follow me without seeing -- and deeply reading through -- my blog, however.

Joyce Anthony said...

I can't think of the links offjhand, but I have discovered quite a few new places to roam about--and have noticed an increase in my website traffic. I like the chance to meet new people and learn!!

Kim / POWER OF RUN said...

I found you through Twitter! I'm a Twitter newbie. I've just been aimlessly clicking on friends of friends, trying to find some good kidlit related content.

My twitter is: kidlit_kim
I think my new mission with Twitter will be to promote Or not. I'm still trying to figure it all out!

L.J. Sellers said...

I like the instant feedback. For example, I just answered another editor's question about style. Twitter has also exposed me to other writer's blogs and brought readers to my blog. And it automatically updates my Facebook page, so it doesn't take any additional time. Follow me at:

Helen Ginger said...

I like Twitter because it's easy and I've found some interesting blogs and writers through Twitter. I even wrote an article about Twitter tips and put it on my website. All in all, I'd say Twitter has been a success for me.

Anonymous said...

Dang, Dani, I haven't even had time to pick my nose the last few days, let alone get to Twitter. Believe me or don't. I won't go into it, but will get back there soonest. I bookmarked the site you found though, does that count for anything? Maybe one day I'll even get to look at it.

Anonymous said...

Handy tips. Please tell me where I can go to learn more. I'm already following you on twitter. That's how I found you here.

You can find me at
The Meadow at Twitter

Please don't ignore me this time lol.


Dani said...

You mean Helen and her Twitter guide? Can't remember her website url off the top. There are also several other folks at Twitter who have guides out. Look at my Twitter account, and I think I've retweeted them for the Blog Book Tour crowd. One of them, as I recall, was pretty darn good.

Unknown said...

I think I found Tiffany Dow's internet marketing blog ( on Twitter. Great advice about increasing web traffic. Although, I've spent so much time online lately, I can't even remember where everything was! I like when people tweet about updating their blogs, because it reminds me to go read them. Also, it just helps me to get to know people better. Almost like being in real life!