Tuesday - Writing Tip of the Day

What's the one thing that gets you writing every single day?

Must write 500 words first thing after waking up in the morning.... before peeing. Doesn't matter what you write. But you get the juices flowing really well (twice) with this technique. Hey, it works! It's all about doing the most important things first.


Dana Fredsti said...

HAH!!!! There's no way in hell that'd work for me... My bladder is very imperative. YOU WILL GO NOW! That's what it says..

Charlotte Phillips said...

Very interesting technique. I'm afraid my 500 words would all be the same - HURRY!

Charlotte Phillips said...

But I forgot to tell you what does work - routine and planning. Basically, schedule time each day to write and stick to the schedule. If the planne topic isn't flowing - pick another topic, but write.