Tag, you're it, ladies!

I've bumped this post up for the current class, and for anyone who doesn't know what a meme is.

Meme: Any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, practices, habits, songs, dances and moods and terms such as race, culture, and ethnicity.

Also, an easy peasy blog post that's fun for writer and reader.

Here's a modifed writers meme for members of the August Blog Challenge, three of whom got tagged at the end. These are my answers:

1) Computer, longhand, or other?
Computer or Alphasmart. Only longhand when mindmapping. That might change as I get good with speech recognition software which I'm loving so far. Jeez, my mouth can type fast!

2) Coffee or tea?
Coffee and tea although I'm cutting down on both. Coffee in the morning, and 4PM tea when the weather gets cooler.

3) Day or night?
Mostly day, unless I'm on deadline. I usually read at night.

4) Favorite genre to write?
Non-fiction although Penny Dreadful is getting more of my attention! Cozy mysteries are a daily part of my life, too.

5) Pencil or pen to edit?
Pencil. Not necessarily red.

6) Unusual writing quirk or trait?
I mindmap everything including my grocery list.

7) Writing from home or writing in a cozy café?
Home! I cannot write in public - mostly because of the noise.

8) Music or silence while your write?
Definitely silence. See #7. Unless a neighbor's dog is barking and then a Baroque adagio helps tune them out.

9) Favorite motivational writing quote?
Write first. Clean later. Thanks, l.j. Sellers!

10) Favorite bookmark?
I love those lovely book thongs.... like jewelry for books. Copper book darts are cool, too, although I keep losing them to the library.

11) Favorite fictional character of all time?
Merlin in the Mary Stewart Arthurian series.

12) Most admired living writer today?
Tough question. This week, it's Nora Roberts for all those books, and they're actually decent novels. Okay, they're indecent in parts, but she consistently weaves a pretty good tale for having written 150+. Anyone who writes two or more good books a year is most admired. I stand in awe.


If you like memes, writing pal, Moe, has put together a bunch more at her super-fantastic Squidoo lens called 50 Memes.

And don't underestimate the power of a meme. It's really all about linking which boosts the popularity of your blog.


Anonymous said...

I knew I'd been tagged. : )

Helen Ginger said...

AAakk! Can I call Olly, olly, home free?

Friday is always my Bookmark It! day on the blog, so I'll try to answer these on Saturday.

(I'm putting in my blog URL because Blogger still refuses to show my profile.)

Dana Fredsti said...

(Clutching chest and staggering backwards) "Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!! Ya got me!"

And now I know what tomorrow's post will be!

Karen Kirkpatrick said...

Enjoyed learning more about you. What a fun way to do it!

The August blog challenge was a great idea. I'm not participating--too many other things going on this month. But I'm really enjoying reading other people's blogs and am committed to posting a couple of times a week throughout the month.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ele, you're the best!

Chester Campbell said...

Read the Wikipedia article on mindmapping, something I'd never heard of. The samples look like what we used to call "chicken scratching." Interesting, but I'd probably be like the students they mentioned who found they were more comfortable using their former methods. I agree you can teach an old dog new tricks, but the old dog must feel a need for improving his bag of tricks.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

How can anyone write 150 books? That's mind boggling.

Jane Kennedy Sutton