Ping Alert

I make it a point to ping at least once a week. Try one of these multi-pinging services to notify servers about a recent update to your blog:

BlogFlux Pinger
King Ping

Retrieved from "" - a must read if you don't quite understand what pinging is all about.


Anonymous said...

good link to the wikedia article. thanks. I use Ping-o-matic.

Helen Ginger said...

I tend to forget to ping, so I've had to add it to my To Do list. I like Ping-o-matic so far.

Dana Fredsti said...

I found out Wordpress pings when I post something. Ping-o-matic gave me a 'hold your horses, cowboy!' notice when I pinged the last time and said Wordpress automatically does it.

Dani said...

Blogger allegedly pings automatically, too. I still ping with Pingoat anyway. As long as you don't manually ping too often, I think you'll get a little extra notice. I figure it can't hurt.