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If you're an author visiting here for the first time, welcome to Blog Book Tours. We are here to support our Yahoo!Group, which is a peer network for published authors contemplating their own virtual tour. The site was started by Dani Greer who felt the notion had good potential to help authors keep down expenses, and was the only logical way to tour a book with the challenges we all face due to climate change and other environmental issues. Blog book tours are simply too good an idea not to promote.

The best way to understand more about the concept of blog book tours, is to click over to Dani's guide called The Quickest Blog Book Tour Guide Ever. This will give you a run-down of what you, as an author, will need to do to plan your own blog tour. Once you've read that, click over to the Y! group and join. Folks there will be glad to answer questions and help you brainstorm ideas you have for your own tour.

If you'd like to host an author on your own blog, Helen Ginger has created a very useful guide to explain what will be expected of you. The most obvious points are that you have a very popular blog, and that the blog theme relates to the subject matter of the book you're hosting. Common sense there, and Helen's guide is filled with more obvious and not-so-obvious pointers.

Finally, remember that your own tour begins with a good blog of your own. Our support group has a Blog-a-Day Challenge twice a year, and even if you don't have a book to tour yet, it's never too early to start getting your tools in place for that kind of book promotion. It 's a long planning process and a year is not to soon to start thinking about and preparing for your own blog book tour. Start posting on your blog often to increase it's readership, and start searching for potential tour hosts. These two aspects take time and energy, and can't be accomplished the week before your anticipated tour. Give yourself at least three months of concentrated effort.

Are you considering a blog book tour for your book? If so, when? Or have you toured a book this way already? Would you consider doing it again? Leave us your comments.


Dana Fredsti said...

I have done a blogbooktour and even though it wasn't as well thought out as it could have been (too much in too short a time), I was still happy with the results. I would totally do one again; I'd just follow the BOok of Dani more closely this time...

Dani said...

She means the which is fast to read but takes a whole lot longer to actually accomplish. Can I say it often enough? Start early.