BBAW Award Nominations Are Open

Nominations are open for Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards 2008!

Listed below are the categories of awards. Nominate up to two blogs per category and send an email to BbawawardsATgmailDOTcom with your choices.

And the categories for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards 2008 are:

Best General Book Blog

Best Kidlit Blog

Best Christian/Inspirational Fiction Blog

Best Literary Fiction Blog

Best Book Club Blog

Best Romance Blog

Best Thrillers/Mystery/Suspense Blog

Best Non-fiction Blog

Best Young Adult Lit Blog

Best Book/Publishing Industry Blog

Best Challenge Host

Best Community Builder

Best Cookbook Blog

Best History/Historical Fiction Blog

Best Design

Most Chatty

Most Concise

Most Eclectic Taste

Best Name for a Blog

Best Published Author Blog

Best Book published in 2008

Best Meme/Carnival/Event

Most Extravagant Giveaways

Best Book Community site

Write In

Support your favorite blogs and bloggers! Nominations will close on August 31st.
We are still a spam blog according to Blogger. More than a month, and four requests, and still no response. What's up with that?


Anonymous said...

Cool! thanks for the reminder. I signed Free Spirit up for the event a few eeks ago.

Unknown said...

I know who I'm nominating. LOL!

Dana Fredsti said...

How is one supposed to pick between Marvin and Lacresha for inspirational?!!! That's not fair.

Dani said...

I think we should nominate Marv for the best Freudian slips. I mean, how many more eeks of daily blogging can any of us stand? Hahahahaha! Eeks and eeks of pain.;)