August Blog Challenge Ends

I'm pleased to say that I managed to post once a day all through the month of August and so did most of the challengers. Congratulations! Don't our blogs look good now?

Starting on September 2nd, about half our challenge participants will put their blogs up for peer critique over at the Yahoo! Group. If you're an author looking for ways to improve your blogging, the process might give you some hints to help you get better at it. Our focus, of course, is blogging to promote your books. Because your own blog is the launching pad for a good blog book tour. You can learn more about that by reading The Quickest Blog Book Tour Guide Ever.

And still requires word verification to publish. They haven't lifted spam designation yet. Soon I'll have to request they review my blog for the fifth time. Is anyone else having problems with


L.J. Sellers said...

Congratulations for meeting the August blog challenge. 31 straight days! I know from experience it wasn't easy.

Dana Fredsti said...

And thank you, Dani, for motivating me more than I thought possible!

loringparks said...

Just there a September Blog Challenge? I love the idea - and the motivation! Thanks and hope you're holiday is brilliant!

Romance writer, Loring Parks from Juicy Like An Apple.