Are you pinging?

Pinging is a way to give your blog a little boost by notifying an online service that you've updated your blog. This technique is much more proactive than waiting for the web crawlers at Google to notice you. I use Pingoat and once you're there, it's easy peasy. Just fill in the blanks, and click on all the services you want notified. If you click on the header in each category, all the items within will be checked. Don't do this too often, but once or twice a week after you update your blog is a good idea. This takes less than 60 seconds. Do it!


Anonymous said...

ful stuff, as usual. Thanks for the blog and lead(s). I can't get onto pingoat for some reason "experiencing tech dif's" they say, but I will.

Keep up the good work!

Dani said...

Of course it's not working. I recommended it right?? LOL. Shades of the fiasco. (rolling my eyes) :)

Dana Fredsti said...

I have problems with Pingoat as well, but will continue to try it 'cause Dani tells me to!