Starry, Starry Night

Tasha Tudor, beloved children's book illustrator, recently passed into spirit. She led a life of 1830s simplicity and fans know her not only for her Corgyville art, but also for her love of dollhouses and miniatures. She, like generations before her, was fascinated by the wonder of smallness, and I confess an intrigue of dollhouses myself, though I prefer someone else's collection to enjoy, living vicariously through their intense and intricate efforts in creating these magical worlds.

When a new book for young readers recently came to my attention, it was not only the subject of miniatures but the “Starry Night” included in the title that caught my attention. As a professional artist, Van Gogh's painting immediately came to mind, and indeed the book deals with a stolen Van Gogh, but this one a professional copy created for a dollhouse collection. The mysterious plot deals with recovery of the missing miniature, and who amongst the avid gallery of miniatures afficianodos could have coveted it enough to commit theft. Best friends join up with a clever pet Dachsund to find the thief and recover the painting.
Although the book is written for youngsters age 10-15, the information about miniatures is in-depth and technical enough to hold the attention of an adult. On the flip-side, this aspect might make it too involved for just any teen, unless they were passionate about art in general, or miniatures in particular. Still the plot moved things along nicely, the descriptions are well-written, and the characters well-drawn. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the book for the right young reader... or for an adult fan of the miniatures world.

Searching for a Starry Night is my second foray into eBooks and both were Echelon Press imprints. I am impressed with the quality of the writing in each book from this publishing company. Visit their website to view more of their publications. Most of the titles are available in eBook and paperback format to suit the reader's choice, options that are becoming evermore popular in book publishing.

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Christine Verstraete is author of Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery. The book was published in June 2008 by Quake. She also is an award-winning journalist whose stories have appeared in various newspapers and magazines. Her short fiction will appear in Cat Tales Magazine from Wildside Press and NEWN Magazine, as well as online at Mouth Full of Bullets and Futures Mysterious Anthology. Her short horror story, The Witch Tree, was a contest winner published by Echelon Press. She also is author of the e-book, In Miniature Style, with stories about collectors, photos of their miniatures, and how-to projects. Visit her at her website for all the latest news.


Mary Cunningham said...

Your review certainly makes me want to read the book!

Anonymous said...

Although I'm beyond my childhood years...way beyond, and rarely play with dollhouses, I enjoyed reading SEARCHING FOR A STARRY NIGHT. The writing was crisp and fresh and the story delightful.

Jeff Sherratt

Lonnie Cruse said...

As a Tasha Tudor fan I'm sooo sorry to hear of her passing. I collect her books when I can find them.

Great blog, Chris! Hugs, Lonnie