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There are programs that tell a blogger how well their online efforts are doing. Some people love, love, love full-blown analytics and others are much more comfortable with the basics. For me, as a teacher of very fundamental online book marketing skills, keeping comfort levels and enthusiasm high with my students is paramount. An empowered student is a good student. Many creatives, and that includes writers, don't like working with numbers, but a certain level of skill in measuring efforts is important, whether checking your royalty statements, your Amazon ranking, or how many reading fans you have.

A simple free site like StatCounter can show you what you've accomplished over the last few years of blogging.

If this were your blog, wouldn't it make you feel kind of good about what you've accomplished?

Check your blog visitor stats weekly to get a sense of how well your blog is bringing attention to your books. Are there any kinds of posts that draw more readers? Are you engaging with your fans? If you aren't in casual writing, does that translate to the success of your book sales? I'm guessing for most authors, it does.

What about you? What kind of analytics do you use to gauge the success of your blogging efforts? Is blog popularity (or any kind of popularity) important to gain book sales, do you think?


Crunchy Chicken said...

I use StatCounter because it gives you the IP address of the viewer and you can track visitors a little more closely.

I also use the built in analytics with Blogger because it counts pages that StatCounter can't (because they are built into Blogger).

I use Google Analytics as well, but rarely look at the counts. They seem to vary (on the low end) in comparison to the above two.

If you want a large draw, do giveaways. This will bring more visitors to your blog, but just make sure you are running a book promotion at the same time (banner ad placement on each page). The more eyeballs visiting is more advertising time.

Dani said...

We're pretty much on the same page - on all comments. One thing better than a giveaway? A call for submissions if you're a publisher. LOL.

Robyn Campbell said...

*wishing that were my blog*

But I used to have StatCounter, Dani. I just thought it was a wasted space. And I didn't want to take the time away from writing to study the thing.

I really need to add the pages to my blog. And get StatCounter back. I'm learning so much! Thank you, Dani!

WS Gager said...

Okay Dani, I am making great in roads. I've just added statcounter tomy blog. Seems to be working which is amazing.
W.S. Gager on Writing

Leslea said...

I gauge my success by the amount of email, link-backs, tweets, etc. I'm getting, but the bottom line is sales.

When I was a wee blogger, I used to use hit counters, and it was a huge thrill when I reached something like 5000 site views per week. I assumed that was normal at the time, until I took a marketing position at a dot-com startup and they sort of salivated over my traffic. I think it was around that time that I realized I could probably stop doing taxes and write for a living, instead. What a journey that has been.

At this point in my career, I trust my instincts and my record, but I also value statistics for the unique glimpse they give you into consumer "clicky" behavior. Keywords, also. These are important concepts!

Thanks for all you do, Dani.

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johnkerry said...
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